Configure PeopleSoft Integration Broker Gateway

·        Place this link in browser to check status
o   http://<webserver>:<port>/PSIGW/PeopleSoftListeningConnector
·        Go to PeopleTools> Integration Broker> Configuration > Gateways
o   On this page check the Local Gateway check box.
Enter http://
 <webserver>:<port>/PSIGW/PeopleSoftListeningConnector  in the URL field
o   First Save the Page. Then Click on Load Gateway Connectors button, this will populate all the Connectors 
o   Click on Properties link after the URL field.
o   Enter USERID and Password. (Default USERID = administrator and Password = password)
o   Gateway Properties file will open up.
o   Modify the following lines in the gateway properties file
o   ig.isc.PT_LOCAL.serverURL=//ip:JOLT Listener Port
#Use the supplied “PAssword Encryption Utility” to generate an encrypted password for the next entry.

o   After modification of Gateway Properties file, Click on Apply button, and then Click on OK button. Save the Gateway page again.

o   From 8.49 tools onwards, you no longer need to edit the gateway properties file, instead there will be fields you need to fill the fields. Check the Node by pinging the node. You should get success result when you ping the node. Then Save the page.

·        Make sure you set connector on Node.

·        Pub/Sub must be set to Y in App Server Domain Config via PSADMIN utility

·        Setup PeopleTools> Integration Broker> Configuration > Service Configuration