Email Troubleshoot & SMTP Trace on PeopleSoft Servers

To resolve any problem related to sending emails using SMTP server in PeopleSoft, Enable SMTP trace option at appserver or process scheudler server level. This will produce the smtp log file giving us more details about why the send email is failing. 

You need to add/update the following in your appserver configuration (psappserv.cfg) or batch server Configuration (psprcs.cfg)  under SMTP Settings.

 1 - Enabled
 0 – Disabled

This setting is dynamic and does not require reboot of the Server. it will generate Trace file SMTP.LOG in LOGS Folder under
$PS_HOME\appserv\domain_name\logs\SMTP.LOG  for Appserver and $PS_HOME\appserv\prcs\domain_name\logs\SMTP.LOG for Batchserver.

This Log File will show in detail where exactly the send email is failing and help us to fix the problem.