Adding Custom Fields or Tables to PeopleSoft Template-Based Hire / Smart Hire Template

If custom fields are added to the Personal Data or Job Data component, they can to be added to Template-Based Hire as well.

For example, let us suppose that the field
MAIDENNAME (for English name format only) is added to the NAMES table, to the NAME_DFT_SEC secondary page in the PERSONAL_DATA component and to the CI_PERSONAL_DATA component interface.

The GetPersonName and SetPersonName services will need to be updated, as well as the supporting PersonNameType application class and the underlying
HCR_PERSONAL_DATA_SRV component interface.

To add MAIDENNAME to Template-Based Hire, the following must be done:

1. Add
MAIDENNAME to all instances of the NAMES record in the Template Record/Field Setup component. 

2. Add
MAIDENNAME to the delivered name section NAME_01_ENG (or create a new name section and add it to that). 

3. Update all existing templates (if any, as the creation of templates should only be initiated after all customized fields have been added to sections) containing the
NAME_01_ENG name section by first deleting the section then adding it back, so the new field will be included. All section configurations will need to be redone. 

Note: If a field is added to a section but existing templates are not modified in this way, they will not work correctly when used.

If an entire table is added to the Personal Data or Job Data component, the process is exactly the same as above, except that it would be better to create new
Get/Set services for the new table and modify the existing Get/SetPerson services to include the new table.

This article credit goes to Coppin Eagle