PeopleSoft Search Framework

The PeopleSoft Search Framework provides a standard, declarative method for creating, deploying, and maintaining search indexes for all of your PeopleSoft applications. Oracle Secure Enterprise Search (SES) is the search engine on which the PeopleSoft Search Framework relies.

Note. The PeopleSoft Search Framework does not support the Verity search engine. It can only be configured to run with SES.

The PeopleSoft Search Framework is comprised of numerous PeopleTools technologies working together to provide design, administrative, and integration capabilities, including:

• PeopleSoft Query. You use PeopleSoft Query and Connected Query to define the data that will eventually populate the search index. You can use existing queries or create new queries for the PeopleSoft Search Framework, using this familiar interface.

• Search Framework Designer. You use the Search Framework Designer to create search definitions, which are based on a single PeopleSoft Query or Connected Query definition. The search definition enables you to apply various PeopleSoft metadata to the query, such as security attributes, mapping search result display fields to query fields, and creating search categories for related search definitions.

• PeopleSoft Integration Broker. You use Integration Broker to facilitate the integration between your PeopleSoft system and SES. Integration Broker must be configured correctly for the PeopleSoft system to connect to SES and for SES to access the PeopleSoft system for crawling.

• Search Framework Administration. You use the Search Framework Administration interface to define the connection to a particular SES instance, deploy search definitions and search categories, and manage search index build schedules. When deployed to SES, PeopleSoft search definitions and search categories become “sources” and “source categories”, respectively, on the SES system.

• PeopleSoft Application Engine. An Application Engine program set to run on a recurring basis extracts the results of the query defined in PeopleSoft Query. The results of that query populate the search index on SES.

• Feed Publishing Framework. After the initial search index is built, the Search Framework uses the Feed Publishing Framework to transmit incremental updates for the existing search index, rather than rebuilding an entire index to capture recent changes.

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