PeopleSoft Application Search

PeopleSoft Application Search is a group of features that offers an improved means of searching for application content, business objects and business process steps within a PeopleSoft application. 
These capabilities provide users with access to more powerful, keyword-based search components that present a familiar, more intuitive search experience.
Note. PeopleSoft Application Search features depend on the Search Framework being enabled and implemented for your system. Implementing this feature for your PeopleSoft application may require the uptake of PeopleSoft Feature Packs.

Similar to how users might initiate navigation across the internet by first searching for a set of keywords, PeopleSoft Application Search allows application users to initiate steps of a business task with a simple, intuitive keyword search. This capability may reduce or even eliminate the need for users to navigate PeopleSoft applications via the existing application menu system.

• The new search experience functions similarly to the internet, providing a look and feel that users will find both familiar and intuitive.

• Application Search is available at any point in an application and can be configured to span multiple PeopleSoft applications, enabling users to initiate transactions or navigate to key information without using the PeopleSoft application menu or returning to the home page.

• This search framework includes the ability to use filters and facets to narrow result sets, further enabling users to identify and navigate to specific application content.

• Search results are displayed in prioritized order by relevance to the provided search terms.

• Related Action menus are embedded directly in the search results, allowing users to navigate straight to specific related transactions – pre-populated with the selected search results data.

• Component Search is also enhanced with keyword capabilities, extending the versatility of virtually all existing search pages.

This new means of searching provides a global search mechanism that is available to users across PeopleSoft applications. It enables more efficient searching for users and fundamentally improves navigation in PeopleSoft applications. Instead of browsing through menu hierarchies to find an
application data or transaction, users will be able to use PeopleSoft Application Search to directly navigate to desired application data or transactions from search results.

The new search results page also enables continued refinement of results using facets, which enable users to locate and navigate to desired content easily. Users can drill into search result entries and even navigate to related information from search results. Persistent search result sets enable users to
easily return to important locations that they frequently visit.

The component search mechanism used in previous releases (now called classic search) is still available, but is enhanced with the availability of PeopleSoft Application Search’s keyword capabilities.

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