PeopleSoft Report Distribution – Report Manager

When we schedule a processes/Report to run by loggin in as say, PS, then to see the output/report you have to login with the same User Id PS. If the requirement is that another user need to see the same output/report, without using PS user id, then we need to do report distribution and give the user access to report manager so the user can view other’s reports.

  • Add the following roles to user
    • ReportDistAdmin or ReportSuperUser
    • Any role containing permission List – CPPT1040 (gives access to Report manager) or similar one.
  • To all the processes/reports that user needs to have access, add the userid to distribution list of that processes/report.
    • Go to the process/report run control page
    • Select run control Id
    • Click run
    • Click ‘distribution’ link for the process/report.
    • Select either a user and enter his User Id.
    • You have to submit the process/report, once for the distribution data you have entered to save.
  • Submit the process/report for testing.
  • Now if the user logs in and go to Administration tab in Report Manager, he could see the process/reports and link to see the output/report. User can see the output/report using process monitor also.
 Note: The difference between the administrator (ReportDistAdmin) and super user (ReportSuperUser) roles is that the administrator role can access and update any report in the Report Manager. The super user role can update only reports that they are authorized to view.