PeopleSoft Batch / Process Scheduler Server Placement

PeopleSoft Process Scheduler executes PeopleSoft batch processes. Process Scheduler (Batch Server) can be configured on the batch server (either on the same server as the application server or on a separate server) or on the database server.

There are three potential locations for the batch server:

• Dedicated batch scheduler. This is the preferred configuration. One or more dedicated servers assigned to run the process scheduler service provides the best overall scalability for batch processing and the isolation needed to effectively tune the various tiers of the PeopleSoft infrastructure.
• Database server. In this scenario, PeopleSoft Process Scheduler runs directly on the database server. The drawback with this configuration is that it consumes costly database server resources that could otherwise be dedicated to Database.
• Application servers. PeopleSoft Process Scheduler can be collocated with the Tuxedo instances on one or more of the application servers. This is not an ideal configuration because the application servers are memory-intensive processes and it is best to dedicate the servers running the application server to that purpose only.

Note. If the process scheduler is installed on a separate batch server and not on the database server, use a high bandwidth connection such as 1 Gbps between the batch server and database server. If a particular batch process uses extensive row-by row processing, having the process scheduler on the database server may offer increased performance.