JVM Heap size for PeopleSoft WebLogic

The Java options, including the JVM heap size, that are used by WebLogic Server are stored in your WebLogic domain's setEnv.cmd(.sh). If you need to adjust any of the java options, including changing the JVM heap size you must manually edit WebLogic's setEnv script.   The following two parameters, -Xms and -Xmx, respectively control the JVM min and max heap size, -Xms defines the minimum heap and -Xmx defines the maximum heap size. For performance reasons, it is recommended that both, min and max are set to the same value.

Adjust the heap size as follows:

1) Edit the setEnv.cmd/sh script:
    -For WebLogic 8.1, it is located in
    -For WebLogic 9.2 and 10.3, it is located in /webserv//bin

 2) You will see a JAVA_OPTIONS parameter in this format:
Where is the OS Platform that the web server is on.  Example:
     JAVA_OPTIONS_LINUX for Linux Platform
     JAVA_OPTOINS_WIN for Windows Platform running 64-bit Java
     JAVA_OPTIONS_AIX for AIX platform.

3) This "
JAVA_OPTIONS_" parameter is where the min/max heap settings are defined. Edit this parameter and adjust the heap settings.
For example, to change the min/max heap settings from 256mg to 1gb on a Linux platform, you would change the JAVA_OPTIONS_LINUX parameter from:
    JAVA_OPTIONS_LINUX="-jrockit -XnoOpt -XXnoJITInline -Xms256m -Xmx256m -Dtoplink.xml.platform....
     JAVA_OPTIONS_LINUX="-jrockit -XnoOpt -XXnoJITInline -Xms1024m -Xmx1024m -Dtoplink.xml.platform....