Multiple PeopleSoft Instances/ Environments on Same Server

This practice I used to follow since PT851 and I am quite confident about it, as its working for me so long with minimal maintenance and easy to configure, here are my recommendation and consideration

  • Assumption that you are using same PeopleTools binaries across all instances
  • Custom SQR, CRW, Cobol file located on custom folder and respective app/ prcs domain will point to respective directory in their instance, for example
    • C:\DEV\CRW
    • C:\DEV\SQR
    • C:\DEV\CBLNA
    • C:\TST\...
  • You my specify four SQR variable in config to set four path  and CBL and CRW only allow to set one path but you may specify multiple path segregate by “;”
  • PS_CONFIG_HOME will contain separate domain config for all
  • Make sure data folder( verity search) reside in PS_CONFIG folder and it contain all instance search folder
  • PS_HOME folder only contain binaries and shared CRW, COBOL and SQR
  • Place webserv folder outside PS_HOME while creating PIA site to keep separate with binaries
  • Integration broker will have different configuration because every site has different integration broker config file.
  • PeopleTools must be upgrade to all instances at one.
  • Browser cookies/authentication domain will be segregated by site automatically.