PeopleSoft Process Scheduler Boot up and Shut down

At times PeopleSoft Admin would like to shut down and boot up Process Scheduler/ Report Server/ Batch Server for clearing up cache or release memory resources

·        Always shut down slave first and then mater scheduler and start master scheduler first then slave.
·        If you configure more than one master scheduler then shut down all master scheduler first and then slave

Note: Only one Master Scheduler become active at one time, second Master scheduler become active if first one is down. Many setting like Schedule Job Set, Max Concurrent settings, Load balance are dependent on Master scheduler

You may suspend server by navigating to Main Menu > PeopleTools > Process Scheduler > Process Monitor Server List Page and click Details for each server. It allow continuing current process to complete and won’t accept new process, once all running process gets complete then you can bounce server and then server will accepting new request from queue