Brief introduction on the PeopleSoft Setup

PeopleSoft uses Oracle Tuxedo, a middle-ware framework and transaction monitor, to manage transactions between the application server and the database. PeopleSoft also uses Oracle Jolt, a Java API and class library, to facilitate communication between Tuxedo running on the application server and the PeopleSoft software running on the web server. Tuxedo and Jolt are required elements of the PeopleSoft application server.

When you install Tuxedo, Jolt gets installed by default. The PeopleSoft servlets on the web server transmit requests and data through a connection to Jolt, which runs on the application server. Jolt extends Tuxedo capabilities by acting as the communication layer between the Java-based environment of the servlets and the C++ environment of the application server. You configure the servlets to direct requests from the web server to a predefined Jolt port on the application server.

Web browsers and integrated systems don't send requests directly to the application server. Instead, they send HTTP/S requests to the PeopleSoft servlets running on the web server. The web server translates the HTTP/S request into a Jolt request that is sent to a specified Jolt port. Then the application server, running on Tuxedo, submits the appropriate SQL to the database.