PeopleSoft - "UserName not defined in database" Integration Broker Error

When user trying to provide a web service in PeopleSoft by PeopleTools>Integration Broker>Web Services>Provide Web Service.


When putting the wsdl url generated into browser, some errors generated as follows.

"UserName not defined in database" or "
Integration Broker Service: Destination node does not match the local node. (158,506)" or "Unable to find a Routing corresponding to the incoming request message".
Or User PS not authorized to invoke Service Operation GETWSDL. (158,536).

The following is a checklist.

1. Mistakenly use PeopleSoftListeningConnector but not PeopleSoftServiceListeningConnector in target location of service configuration page.
2. Default local node should be pingable.
3. Go to Integration Broker>Integration Setup>Node to open Anonymous Node. Make sure the default user ID is valid and the account is not locked out.
4. Anonymous Node's default user id's Permission List  should be able to access to service operation GETWSDL.
5. Check the routings with all the service operations with service IB_UTILITY to see if the node with the routings is default local node and there are no duplicate routings in the node. If there are duplicate routings, please inactivate or delete duplicate ones and have only one routing active.
6. Check the file and verify that the default Jolt Port is pointing to the correct database.