Default User ID in PeopleSoft Anonymous Node

The ANONYMOUS node is used for incoming messages from 3rd parties

Because third-party systems do not understand the concept of a node as defined and used within the context of PeopleSoft systems, PeopleSoft assigns transactions that have no node specified to a PeopleSoft-delivered Anonymous node.

If the PeopleSoft system first checks the SOAP message header for an external name and password set programmatically.

If none is found or if the system cannot validate the user ID or password that was set programmatically, it uses the Default User ID set on the Node Definitions page on the remote Anonymous node definition. "

So in this case the default userid on the ANONYMOUS node would need access to the service operation the 3rd party is using.

The ANONYMOUS node is used in the process of setting up service operations ie. consume web services, provided web services, and CI based web services. These processes use the IB_UTILITY service operations.

So the default userid on the ANONYMOUS node needs access to the IB_UTILITY service/service operations. The recommendation is to make sure this userid has a role that has the permission list PTPT1200 assigned as this is the recommended permission list for the IB_UTILITY service operations. The Peopletools role is one such role.