PeopleSoft AWE Approval Definition ID

A stage is one part of an approval process that can contain multiple parallel paths but must be at the same header or line record level.  The system executes stages in sequence where one must complete before the next one begins.  A stage can be at either a header level or at a line level.  Stages at a line level make it possible for approvers to sign off separately on individual line items for a single transaction.  The workflow engine sees each header and each line as individual pieces.  A line is a child of the header.  A header stage acts on the unique header while a line stage acts on each line.  A stage consists of one or more paths.

A path contains a sequence of steps.  Within a stage, paths execute in parallel.  Path entry criteria determines whether or not a path executes for a given transaction or transaction line.

A step represents one or more approvers or reviewers.  Steps within a path execute in sequence.  A separate criterion for each step determines whether or not that step executes.  Each step can also have a set of reviewers.  Reviewers are notified about transactions that are pending approval by email, through the Worklist, or both.  However, the workflow proceeds without waiting for reviewers to act.