PeopleSoft - No matching buffer found for level. (15,26)

No matching buffer found for level. (15,26)

When retrieving data for a page, a data value was retrieved for which there was no matching data value at a higher level scroll entry. (For example, at scroll level 2, a value of ABC was read in and scroll level 1 contained this higher level field but did not have a row with a key value of ABC.) This usually occurs because of an error in a database record or view; or because of improper deletion of values in a database. Correct the page definition or contact your system administrator.”

Typically no matching buffer errors are caused by processes that delete or update rows from parent records without updating or removing rows from the appropriate child record within the component scroll level structure. If the component buffer can load a row from a lower (child/grand-child) scroll that doesn't match on keys to the scroll levels above it, the error will occur.

There are two possibilities to avoid no matching buffer error:

·        Insert the missing parent-record row back (I recommend this)
·        Remove the orphaned row from the child record

How to Trace
Put "SQL statement and SQL statement variables" trace. This trace file will generate in App Server log directory with name “username_IP.tracesql”, you can turn on trace to click “Set Trace Flags” link on sign on page and select these two trace check box.

See where rollback happen or search EMPLID or key that you are looking for and start from bottom to top and look all SQL and Bind Value one by one, you may use sqlplus to run these sql and compare data. For Example if it fails at last SQL Statment then check data in SQL PLUS and compare parent row with just above Last SQL Statement and most probably you will find problem

Sometimes, opening the component with include history (all effective dates) will prevent the no matching buffer error. This is a sign that the error is a result of an effective date or effective sequence mismatch that is causing the problem.

Read more about tracing and PeopleSoft Tracing tool