Start Weblogic Domain Without Entering Credentials

 Method 1: (Recommended)

Edit a file in the domains directory. Format is:

password=mybasicknowledge file can be placed following directory depend on which managed server you are using


If the directories or files don’t exist you can create them.
After the first bootup the password will become encrypted.

If you want to keep in separate location then edit, which is located in /bin and add following parameter to JAVA_PROPERTIES

Line looks like
JAVA_PROPERTIES="-Dplatform.home=${WL_HOME} -Dwls.home=${WLS_HOME} -Dweblogic.home=${WLS_HOME} -Dweblogic.system.BootIdentityFile=${DOMAIN_HOME}/security/

Method 2:
In the you will see the following lines:
#  Set WLS_USER equal to your system username and WLS_PW equal
#  to your system password for no username and password prompt
#  during server startup.  Both are required to bypass the startup
#  prompt.

export WLS_USER
export WLS_PW