Print PeopleSoft NVision Reports To Network Printer via the Web

You might get following issue while running PS/nVision reports via the Web, The nVision reports hangs in 'Processing' status. The nVision trace file (psnvs_pid.nvt) shows the last two lines to be:

Actual Printer Name: \\printservername\printername

Other reports (SQR and Crystal) can print to this UNC printer path without any problems.

Note: The above issue occurs when the Identity tab for Excel Applications is set to "Launching User" or " This User". If the Identity tab for Excel Applications in DCOMCNFG is set to "The Interactive User", then it works fine.

When running nVision via the Web in background mode, ie. where the Identity tab for Excel Applications is set to "Launching User" or " This User" in DCOMCNFG, the UNC Printer Path is not accepted.

Sends the report instances to a network printer. All destination printers must be set in the PS/nVision report server. The default printer is the default printer for the report server.

This means in the PSNT Process Scheduler server, the network printer must be set in the Control Panel.
The Printer must be given a ShareName in the Printer properties.
When running nVision, specify the ShareName instead of the UNC path.

The PSNT Process Scheduler server has a network printer named "MyPrinter" installed and visible in the Printer section of Control Panel. The steps are:
1. Right Click on "MyPrinter " and go to Printer Properties -> Sharing tab.

2. Specify a share name of MyPrinter.
3. Upon running nVision via the Web, specify:
  • Output Type as Printer
  • Output Format as XLS
  • Output Destination as a UNC Printer path such as MyPrinter
Now nVision process should goes to Success/Posted and the documents are queuing up on the printer queue.