PeopleSoft Person Model Upgrade Considerations

          Decide What Organizational Relationships You Will Use
§  Will you track Contingent Workers?
§  What POI types will be tracked?
§  What POI pay types will you use?

          Decide How You Will Track Multiple Jobs
          Decide How You Will Handle “Terminations”
          Determine if You Will Need to Modify Any “Action” Rules or Add New “Actions”
          Determine What Business Rule Changes Will Be Needed
          Determine What Reports Will Need To Be Modified
          Due to record changes and the movement of fields from Personal Data & Employment to various new or existing records, careful review of custom reports/components will need to be done
          PERSONAL_DATA table can still be used for reports but transitioning to the Person Model core tables is recommended
          PERSONAL_DATA table should not be used for online processing
          New “user-friendly” Names field in many reports may use views/tables that display the new NAME_DISPLAY formatted field
§  Format is:  First Name + Last Name
          Don’t Underestimate Security Setup
          Security setup for “unassigned” POI Type
          Security Requirements for Organizational Relationships  (Application Security)
           Allocate time for tuning system performance
           Validate Data Conversion
          PER_ORG_ASGN table
          Review Upgrade Bundles carefully
          Non-Employee conversion – PER_TYPE

Non-Employee Conversion Map