PeopleSoft - LIBTUX_CAT: 681/1098 - Failure to create message queue / Cannot Create Queue

When starting Tuxedo server or Application Server the following message
appears either on the screen or in the TUXLOG file:

    LIBTUX_CAT:681: ERROR: Failure to create message queue
    Uunixerr = : msgget: No space left on device

Unix Operating System
This message generally means that you have run out of message queue identifiers or memory allocated to your message queues.  To increase the number of message queue identifiers, increase the msgmni parameter for your IPC resources. (NOTE:  There may be other settings which also need to be changed.

You would also see another message in the log stating "No Space Left on Device" if it is an issue with msgmni. If you do not see this error most likely you have an issue with msgseg or semmns. Increase the value for these settings to resolve the issue.

Under Solaris, these values can be found in /etc/system.
Under HP, this value is adjusted using the "sam" utility.
Under IBM/AIX, you will use "smit".

For most other forms of Unix, you would need to edit the operating system kernel configuration and reconfigure.

Windows Operating System

Error 1:
Created new database instance; bringing up Application Server in psadmin. Boot Domain generates error:

TMBOOT: Internal error: CMDTUX_CAT: 1098: Error cannot create queue.
LIBTUX_CAT 681 Error failure to create message queue.

Double click on the Tuxedo IPC Helper service. Change 'Log On As' to be This Account. Change it to the user that installed Tuxedo. This user needs to be a local administrator of the box.
Restart the service and boot the Domain.

Error 2:
After several Domains have already been started on the same NT Server subsequent Domains will fail with errors similar to these.

150134.PSTUX01!PSAUTH.808: LIBTUX_CAT:681: ERROR: Failure to create message queue
150135.PSTUX01!PSAUTH.808: LIBTUX_CAT:248: ERROR: System init function failed, Uunixerr = : msgget: No such file or directory
150135.PSTUX01!tmboot.843: 070700: TUXEDO Version 6.5 32-bit Windows.
150135.PSTUX01!tmboot.843: CMDTUX_CAT:825: ERROR: Process PSAUTH at SITE1 failed with /T tperrno (TPEOS - operating system error)

This error indicates the Tuxedo has run out of Message Queues.

Go to Control Panel - BEA Tuxedo - IPC Resources tab

Uncheck Use Default IPC Settings
Click next to where it says IPC Resources it is a little box.
When cursor is over the box it will show, New (Insert) type in the word Custom and hit enter.
Now everything on the right turned from greyed out to white.
Change Maximum Number of Message Queues to 512.
Maximum Number of Semaphores to 2048.
Hit Apply

The Tuxedo IPC Helper Service will then need to be restarted. Make sure you shut down all domains and schedulers that are maintained by Tuxedo before doing this.

You should now be able to startup more Domains.