PeopleSoft HRMS Base Benefits Business Process and Flow

Base Benefits stores information about the benefit plans offered by a company, such as types of benefit plans, premium costs and calculation rules pertaining to the plans.

Employee data specifies the plans chosen by an employee, coverage selected by the employee, dependents and beneficiaries for each plan.

Base Benefits Features

·        Define the tables that will be used to build your benefit programs.

·        Manually enroll employees and dependents into a benefit program.

·        Perform nondiscrimination testing to determine whether or not your U.S. organization is in compliance with government regulations.

·        Print HIPPA reports.

·        Track and manage FMLA requests.

·        Calculate accrued leave awards and maintain employee leave balances.

·        Manage 403(b) savings plans.

·        Manage vacation buy and sell programs.

·        Administer COBRA coverage for qualified participants and their dependents.

·        Process retroactive benefits and deduction.

·        Send enrollment data to third-party administrators.

·        Send FEHB data to the OPM.

Components Supporting Benefit Processing       

·        Installation Table

·        Deduction Table

·        Earnings Program Table

·        Pay Group Table

Business Process – Overview

Base Benefits – Process Flow

Plan Types

·        Defined as benefits offered to the employees.

·        Logical grouping of Benefits Plans

·        There are nine categories provided by PeopleSoft

Plan Types – Classifications

·        Health Benefit Plans

·        Life Insurance Plans

·        Disability Plans

·        Saving Plans

·        Leave Plans

·        Flexible Spending Accounts Plans

·        Retirement Plans

·        Pension Plans

·        Vacation Buy /Sell Plan

Benefit Plans     

·        A benefit plan is a specific benefit offering within a plan type.

·        Benefit plan are defined based on the plan type and the providers.

·        Associate details pertaining to each of these plans.

·        Associate default deduction codes to the Benefit plans.

Setting Up Benefit Plans

Rate Tables

·        Calculates the cost of  benefit

·        Classified into four types namely

o   Flat Rate Table

o   Age Graded Rate Table

o   Salary Rate Table

o   Service Rate Table

Flat Rate Table

·        Create rates that are based on a specific dollar amount

   i.e the employee pays the same rate regardless of earnings, length of service, age, or gender.

Age Graded Rate Table

·        Define rates for a specified gender, age range, and smoking habit.

·        The system calculates the employee portion of the premium based on the total rate and employer portion.

Service Rate Table

·        Add rates that are based on length of service

Calculation Rules Table

·        Defines how deductions are calculated for each benefit plan.

·        Calculation rules apply to the premium and the amount of coverage.

Benefit Program Structure

·        A Benefit program is a collection of benefits that are offered to a group of employees

·        An organization may have multiple benefit programs if it offers different benefits to different groups of employees, charge different premiums, or administer enrollment rules differently for various employee groups.

Benefit Program – Setup

·        Define basic benefit program information.

·        Associate plan types with a benefit program.

·        Link a benefit program and plan type to rate and calculation rules.

·        Set up benefit programs that provide benefits to nonqualified dependents.